Weds April 27, 2022

I surprised myself today while revisiting this site to find that I had set up mailing lists months ago. Or something that resembles them.

We don't have any users other than myself and ~anthony, so they've gone unused, but my vision for the tilde is one that uses email for collaboration (outside of IRC).

I don't have any experience setting up majordomo or anything like that, but since all accounts are local I was able to create a "mailing list" by just updating /etc/mail/aliases with the lists:

announce: alex, anthony

And rerunning newaliases(8). Hacky but it works! I wonder if they have a limit...

In addition, I had set up primitive HTML archives using hypermail(1). A dedicated user account to manage the archives simply runs the following every 5m via cron(8):

# archiveit -- regular archives
for l in announce bugs dev misc; do
	hypermail -d /var/www/htdocs/lists/$l -g -m /var/lists/$l

Pop it behind the VPN and serve it up with httpd(8) and we have a mailing list archive so new members can see the old conversations!