Fri Sep 24 23:56:43 EDT 2021

Tonight I took the first steps towards on-tilde communication. It's far from done, but it'll give ~anthony and I something to chat on while we set up the other services!

The current plan is to have (for security reasons) a IRC server ONLY listening on localhost. Then, we'll spin up a bouncer for users to connect to so they can get chat history while offline. That bouncer will be exposed externally (either over TLS or over wireguard).

The first step was to install ngircd. To be honest, I didn't survey the scene toooo much. I did a search:

pkg_info -Q irc

And just picked the ircd that seemed most promising.

Set up was a simple service start:

rcctl enable ngircd
rcctl start ngircd

And the config file was super well documented so even with my very beginner knowledge of server admin-ship, I was able to get it up in no time!

The config, of course, is public 1